Profitable Niche Site Creation

niche site creation

Looking to create a niche site that generates you profit? RankRoute can help. Expertise and Experience Combined, our dedicated Niche Site Creation Team knows ins and outs of the game and will create a site from scratch for you.

Here’s what we’ll do –

  • Select and Discuss Your Niche
  • In-depth, Detailed Keyword Research
  • Building & Professionally Designing the Website
  • Long-Term Content Planning
  • Top-Notch Content Creation by Industry Experts
  • Monetizing and Placing Affiliate Links Smartly
  • Basic SEO with Long-Term Plan Provided

Let RankRoute Create a Niche Website for You That Makes Money!



Keywords That Generate Money!

  • Core Keywords
  • Supportive Keywords
  • LSI Keywords
  • Long-Tail Keywords
  • KGR Keywords

…And whatnot!

Let Us Find You Low-Competitive, Easy-to-Rank, and Money Generating Keywords!



Anyone Can Develop & Design a Website These Days!

But Websites That are –

  • Technical SEO Friendly
  • Professional Looking
  • Conversion Focused

Well, That’s a Job for The Experts. I Mean, For Our Expert Team.



Do You Know More Than Half of the Internet Traffic is Coming from Mobile Devices?

Of Course, You Do, At Least Now!

It Takes Skill and Experience to Design a “PROPER” Mobile-Friendly Website. We OWN That.



You’ve Heard This, CONTENT IS THE KING!

It’s the Whole Point Why a Website Exists!

Let Us Produce Top-Notch Contents for Your Website by Industry Experts That:

  • Satisfies Readers Intention
  • Makes Them Love Your Website
  • Builds Authority
  • Are Properly Optimized for Search Engines
  • Gets Ranked

Hey, These Are Contents That’ll Generate You Money! Don’t Miss Out!



SEO Starts Right from Your Website: Taking Care of the –

  • Keyword Placements
  • Headings
  • URLs
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Crawling & Indexing
  • Structured Data

…and Numerous Other Things, Which We’ve Mastered.

If Your Website is Not Properly Optimized in The First Place, No Backlinks Will Rank You in the #1 Position. Let Us Optimize A-Z for You.



Done with On-Site SEO? Now It’s Time to Get Your Name Out There!

Our Outreach Team is Excellent at Convincing Other Bloggers and We’ll Get You Links from Websites That Are-

  • High-Authority
  • High-Traffic
  • Relevant

Tier 2 & 3 Links? We Got That Covered too. This Could Be the Ultimate Service to Rank You in the #1 Page.



Running a Brick & Mortar Business and Haven’t Thought of Online Presence Yet?

You’ve No Idea How Much Money You’re Leaving on the Table.

If You Rank in ‘Google Local Pack’ and in #1 Page for Your Service’s Search Terms, You’ll Get –

  • More Customers
  • More Business
  • More Cash Flow
  • Better Reputation
  • Increased Brand Value

And You’ve Missed All That, Until TODAY!

Choose The Right Plan For You

Plans & Pricing For Citation Building services


£ 200 For Beginners
  • 25 Citations
  • Correcting existing Business Citations
  • Manual Submission
  • Optimising GMB for one core keyword
  • TAT - 2 to 3 Days


£ 300 For Advanced
  • 40 Citations
  • Correcting existing Business Citations
  • Manual Submission
  • Optimising GMB for two core keyword
  • TAT - 7 to 10 Days


£ 400 For Pro
  • 50 Citations
  • Correcting existing Business Citations
  • Manual Submission
  • Optimising GMB for three core keywords
  • TAT - 10 to 15 Days

SEO Services FAQs

SEO is a fancy business. It does not just cover countless various components and strategies – Google says it takes over 200 factors into thought when ranking sites, so there is a ton to cover – yet it is likewise changing constantly. What worked as far as SEO only a year prior regularly may no more. What’s more, staying aware of the entirety of this truly is an everyday job.

SEO consultants are individuals who make it their business to stay up to the moment in parts of SEO and then, at that point utilize that information to get to a customer’s momentum SEO circumstance and afterward create strong and noteworthy suggestions about how it tends to be improved.

An average SEO expert charges somewhere in the range of $80 and $130 each hour. Further, the normal month-to-month retainer lies somewhere close to $750 and $1500 each month. Performance-based SEO is allowed to begin and has dynamic estimating.

When it comes to SEO, there isn’t a fixed time to rank any business site. The turnaround time to rank the business site may rely upon numerous components like business specialty, keyword competition, competitors’ domain authority, and a lot more factors. Normally, it takes up to 6 to 12 months to rank a keyword on the first page on Google. However, it could happen a lot quicker, if invest in top-notch backlinks and guest posting services to build the brand quickly.

An SEO expert is THAT individual who lives and inhales everything SEO. They go through a long time perusing, tuning in, going to meetings, and in any event, trying different things with different strategies to remain on the ball of SEO. And keeping in mind that it may sound pretty exhausting to certain individuals, great SEO experts love their work. We realize that the RankRoute SEO group does.

An SEO expert is additionally the individual responsible for carrying out an SEO technique, although it is far-fetched that they’ll accomplish practically everything themselves. In any case, they realize where to track down the right substance designers, how to source the best connections, where to discover the tech help expected to guarantee that an organization’s on-location SEO is on point and the sky is the limit from there.

There’s a genuinely straightforward response to that inquiry. How gravely do you need your business to succeed? Regardless of what specialty you work in, in the 21st century if you can’t be found effectively on the web – regardless of whether your genuine business has next to no to do with the Internet – then, at that point, you should not exist by any stretch of the imagination.

You could decide to pay for PPC promotions, obviously, however, they are costly, and they just serve to get a couple of additional individuals to your site. It’s SEO that holds them there, that keeps them returning because SEO isn’t just about speaking to look through bots. Google ranks sites as indicated by how easy to understand they are, so everything an SEO expert accomplishes for you is helping your site better serve your human clients also.

Paying for SEO merits each penny. What’s more, we don’t simply say that as an SEO organization selling its administrations we say that collection of individuals who can demonstrate the genuine ROI SEO offers to a wide assortment of customers consistently.

A few people do accept that they can set aside cash by doing their SEO. In any case, before you conclude that inquire as to whether you have the opportunity – and the tolerance – to learn – and continue to relearn – the entirety of the always-changing intricate details of SEO. Also, doing all the blog composing, external link establishment, web-based media advertising, and finishing handfuls more tasks that must be finished as a piece of a decent SEO crusade. Chances are you don’t right? You need some assistance.

SEO is presumably more significant for a small business than it is for a large one. A large business has the money to keep up huge promotion spending plans. They frequently as of now have a setup brand, just as a history of achievement. A small business is as yet fabricating these things and keeping in mind that they do, they need to get taken note of. What’s more, a powerful SEO crusade is probably the most ideal approach to do that.

At the point when the search engine returns its search results, it gives you two types: organic and paid. Organic results are the Web page postings that most intently match the client’s inquiry question dependent on relevance. Additionally called “natural” query results, positioning high in the natural outcomes is what is the SEO is all about.

Organic SEO will increase designated traffic to your site. It’s demonstrated to be lower cost than paid inquiry (pay-per-click). Also, conversions are higher because of the way that clients trust the organic listings more than the paid ones.

We firmly suggest against beginning and halting Search Engine Optimization. SEO isn’t a run, it is a long-distance race, and results set aside an effort to create, and it’s through nonstop endeavors that those outcomes keep up. By halting, you will lose energy in the SERPs that another person, like your opposition, will exploit and transcend you, and get in front of your clients.

PPC (or Pay-Per-Click) is a model of advanced showcasing where the sponsor pays an expense each time one of their promotions is clicked. PPC is a viable method to carry individuals to your site rapidly and can function admirably for the time being.

Nonetheless, as it will just bring you traffic however long you pay for those clicks – which can get extravagant rapidly – natural traffic ordinarily offers better ROI as it makes free traffic in the long haul.

Indeed. For the individuals who can bear the cost of it a decent blend of PPC and SEO can frequently bring brilliant outcomes.

Indeed, we can work with your designers to help guarantee that even with a site redesign – which, we comprehend is a good thought sometimes – you will hold however much of your SEO ‘juice’ as could reasonably be expected when you make the change from the old site to new.

Unfortunately, we get posed this inquiry a ton by individuals who were taken in by terrible SEOs and have wound up with links that could truly hurt their site. Fortunately, indeed, we can assist you with disassociating your site from these awful links and supplant them with new, great links that will get you back in the web indexes’ acceptable books.

We highly esteem the way that we have worked with organizations in many various specialties. Our capacity to investigate and focus on your optimal crowds and afterward construct SEO methodologies around that data has made some extraordinary outcomes.

Any place they live, the vast majority currently go to web search tools to discover data about organizations in their nearby neighborhood. Local SEO, when appropriately executed, can help each nearby business, regardless of whether they are situated in the core of London or an unknown community many miles away.

New sites do require more assistance to acquire visibility in the SERPs, so the appropriate response might be yes. Nonetheless, at RankRoute, we never propose that a customer do whatever won’t help them and won’t oversell SEO services to make ‘a quick buck’.

A common SEO web design project takes somewhere in the range of 8 and 16 weeks, contingent upon the individual extent of work.

Extraordinary web design and user experience (UX) are currently integral to how Google ranks your site. Google can realize how individuals connect with a website page, and this influences the ranking algorithm. Extraordinary client experience maximizes the conversions and inquiries you get when visitors arrive on your site.

Nowadays, there are numerous approaches to make a site. Be that as it may, numerous sites dispatch without the system, substance, and execution expected to rank at the top of Google. Our service is explicitly engaged towards long-haul search rankings, prompting a more extended enduring venture and better overhaul outcomes.

Organic SEO covers the non-paid listings on web search tool results pages. Local SEO covers the Google Local Pack and is intended for organizations with an actual area and nearby crowd.

You sure can. Complete our specific form and we’ll investigate and tell you what’s included.

A large portion of our customers isn’t technical. What’s more, most entrepreneurs realize that fiddling with their site is a significant time away from doing what they are extraordinary at. This help is intended for you!

We’ve partnered with Amazon Web Services to present to you the absolute best quality facilitating for your WordPress site. Thanks to instant-scaling innovation, your site will be able to adapt when there are spikes in rush hour gridlock. There’s no requirement for personal time or a relocation to more hardware!

You can keep your domain name any place it is registered. We’ll work with your I.T. contact to get the name re-pointed to our servers. In case you’re moving the domain from another registrar, let us know and we will give you the assistance you need.

Complete bundles start at £100 + VAT each month. We will help you discover a bundle that works best for your business.

On the off chance that it is a new site planned and built by Figment, we will work with you to guarantee it is completely GDPR consistent.

In Google Statements, you can discover them say that the organizations that give you ensure about SEO ought not to be trusted. Since Google’s algorithm changes very often, any SEO agency that gives ensures isn’t trustworthy. RankRoute is a leading SEO agency that gives its clients the most elevated level of service and results. Even though we don’t ensure the best ratings, we have proven achievement in accomplishing results with our clients. You can peruse our contextual investigations to discover how significant we are as a working partner of numerous outstanding organizations.

Indeed. The techniques and strategies we use follow Google’s rules while staying up with the latest best practices. Simultaneously, we have done various examination considers that give a benefit over our rivals, however more critically, give our clients a benefit. A portion of these works can be found on our blog.

Each SEO agency says they can give you results, yet we have the experience to help it. What truly makes us extraordinary is our obligation to improve your deals and to make leads for your business. We know about the way that you don’t simply pay to improve rankings and traffic. Our primary objective is to assist you with generating income. Knowing this, we attempt to improve your business consistently.

Indeed. Throughout the long term, we have built relationships with many publishers, bloggers, and writers, and we fabricate new connections consistently. Our group is glad to offer significant and amazingly cautious criticisms to push our clients ahead in the pursuit rankings. If you think your representatives are taken care of well in a large portion of the day-by-day assignments aside from third-party referencing, request a free meeting and our SEO Consultants can talk with you about our link-building opportunities. Click here to learn more about link building.

Follow: A follow link is one which passes page rank/link juice to the site being linked to. It tells Google that you trust the site you are linking to. When it comes to SEO and ranking in the search engines, follow links carry the most weight.

NoFollow: A nofollow link is where a webmaster or author includes a link but does not want to pass pagerank and/or want search engine spiders to follow the link to the page being linked to. It will be defined using a ‘rel=”nofollow”‘ tag in the source code of the link.

Mention: A mention is where the author of a page will source or cite another website but will not include a clickable hyperlink to the source itself. Mentions can come in many different forms including URL mentions (the URL of the domain being cited e.g. and brand mentions (e.g. “research from Brand Name shows…”).

Recently, Google introduced some new rel attributes to help webmasters clarify the types of links being published on their website. These new attributes include:

Sponsored: The sponsored attribute allows webmasters and/or authors to specify when a link has been placed as a result of a paid advertisement or sponsorship.

User Generated Content: Where a website allows user to submit content and add links to such content, they can now use the rel=ugc tag to let Google know that such links are published by users and not the webmaster/an approved author. These will most likely be seen on forum and/or comment links.

Indeed. We have options for businesses that need to recognize any SEO inadequacy that their site may have. Our audits give a guide on what should be met to have a far-reaching and sound establishment once more. If you don’t have an in-house marketing team to perform the daily tasks, we suggest that you pick a one-time audit and a monthly SEO service.

Certainly, you don’t need to settle for someone, you can talk with our marketing head, Shoaib. Book a call here.

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