How to Create a Profitable Niche Site in 2021?

Niche sites can make you more money than you think, but you’ve got to know how to build one. This guide on “how to build niche sites” will teach you so.
niche site creation

If you’re into online marketing, or have been an enthusiast of learning about the best methods of creating sustainable income sources from online marketing, you’ve probably come across the term ‘niche websites.’

Chances are, some of you had got the concept of what it is, by the name and some of you hadn’t, while most of you hadn’t figured out how to generate a sustainable source of income through a niche website.

Today, your confusions get clear.

So, What Exactly is a Niche Website?

Do you know what’s a niche? If you didn’t – a niche is a smaller subset of a larger market.

How many appliances does a kitchen have?

Many, right?

But what if a website talks specifically and extensively about ovens only? Or even more specific, microwave ovens only?

Then we’ll regard the topic “ovens” or “microwave ovens” as a niche topic and that website, as a niche website.

So, what have you understood, what is micro niche site?

A website that talks about a very narrow interest.

But, How Does Niche Websites Translate into Online Marketing?

Quite simple. If you’ve targeted traffic, you can monetize them in one way or another.

The goal through your niche website, is to add value to your reader’s life by solving their problem or answering their questions, like “what is the best microwave oven to buy?”

You can also add value in other ways, like by giving way tips and tricks to cook better in microwave ovens.

Now, the money you’ll be generating in the process will mostly come from affiliate marketing.

When you’ll suggest the reader a good microwave oven to buy, you can include your affiliate link to buy that product. When they’ll buy through your link, you’ll get a commission from that sale.

And this commission will be carried out by that marketplace (e.g. Amazon), at no extra cost to the customer, compared to the price that he/she would have to pay if they had bought it otherwise, without any affiliate link.

So, the reader doesn’t mind as well buying through your link.

So doesn’t the marketplace, because it’s a sale they probably wouldn’t have gotten otherwise, if it was not for your redirection of the possible customer to their website. They’re happy to pay as well.

Win-win-win, that’s what the situation is.

The reader is happy because he has found his perfect microwave oven, the marketplace is happy because you’ve earned them a sale, and you’re happy that you’ve earned a commission in the process.

So, here’s the goal of a niche website –

Make money while you add value to a group of people of a niche interest.

Why Niche Down? Why Not Broad?

You ask, why do I have to talk about microwave ovens only? Why can’t I talk about every appliance in the kitchen?

Because of the immense competition!

When you talk about kitchen in general, you have to compete with a lot of already established websites that talk about kitchen in general, and it’s tough to compete with them.

But when you niche down, the competition gets narrower.

Think about it, how many websites talk about various kitchen appliances, cooking recipes, share tips and tricks and all?

There are a lot and most importantly, they’re huge – regarding the amount of content, traffic, backlinks, and so on.

But how many websites talk about only ovens? And shares tips, recipes surrounding ovens only?

The number is way lower and they’re compete-able.

Also, the readers have their wallets open…

Usually, when people search for niche topics like which is a good microwave oven, they’re ready to purchase.

So if you can help them decide which will be a good oven for their needs, they’re much more likely to convert.

Whereas, for broad topics, like kitchen, people often search for general information, without having the specific intent to buy. They’re less likely to buy something and earn you a commission.

Why Should You Build a Niche Website? (And Why You May Not)

You could ask me, there are tons of ways to do online marketing, so why should one create a niche website (or amazon niche website) as their platform?

Here’s how I’d answer you:

1.  It delivers comparatively faster results.

Niche websites start to generate money faster, than generic blogs or other forms of website marketing.

Since niche websites are made around keywords with buying intent (e.g. best oven to buy in 2021), they start converting from the very first bunch of visitors the website gets.

It’s great to boost the early motivation of yours to build a sustainable online marketing income source.

2.  Work Hard for a While, Enjoy the Reward for Eternity

Here’s the factor which I personally like the niche websites most for – it’s easy to generate passive income with niche websites.

When you successfully build a niche website, then it’s the least maintenance project – you barely have to work a couple of hours a week on it. But the rewards? They keep growing.

Here’s the thing – people are going to keep needing suggestions or a guideline for buying an oven, and you’ve already created one that people find useful and that’s there on the search engine.

Now, you relax. A ton of people are going to find your content and a ton of ovens are going to be sold through your affiliate links, while you sit and enjoy the reward.

Sure, you might want to update the content once in a year or two, but that’s very minimal work, compared to producing the guide from scratch.

And the same goes for all the contents in your niche website.

So, once you’ve created a website with useful content for readers and ranked it, you’re going to earn a handsome reward every month without having to put in any more effort, except for very little maintenance.

3.  Flipping Gets You a Really Handsome Figure at Once

So, what if you want to sell your website? Maybe, because you want to invest in another seemingly more profitable niche website, or you just need a lot of money for some other reason?

Well, you’re actually going to get a lot of money flipping the website.

Usually, Amazon niche websites, usually regarded to when we talk about niche websites, sell for around 25 to 30 times their average monthly income. So if a website is making 2000 dollars monthly, you can sell it for 50k to 60k dollars.

That’s a lot, considering the time and money went behind it.

And why you may not want to build a niche website?

1.  Get rich, fast!

Hey, is there actually any legit get-rich-quick scheme, other than gambling?

To get a respectable return from your amazon niche site, you have to be patient. Yes, I said that they get faster results compared to other similar platforms, but they’re never a get rich quick scheme.

2.  You’re not willing to put in the initial effort

The lucrative reward afterward might appeal you, but you’re not going to reach there if you’re not willing to put in the initial effort to build a quality niche website.

Building a quality niche site that’ll earn money for a long-term needs investment, effort and work at the beginning, which you can’t afford to skip.

Do Niche Sites Still Work?

Absolutely. Niche sites are no gambling, and the business model is proven.

A niche site adds tremendous value to an apparently confused buyer not having a clue what product to invest in to get the full value of their money.

So, a niche site owner earns money providing legit value to his readers, and the marketplaces adore niche sites as well.

So, there’s no reason for niche sites to not work, anytime soon.

How to Build a Niche Site?

Building a niche site involves quite a lot of work and attention to detail in every stage of it. For a broad understanding, here’s the brief description of the stages –

Broad Niche Selection

To start off, you have to select your broad niche. That can align with your interest, or any other favorable conditions, like a higher commission rate.

For example, if you’re interested in cooking, you can select kitchen appliances as your board niche.

However, it’s okay if you don’t have a particular interest in any of these topics. Because the contents will be produced by the writers and it’s their job to go in-depth on the topic.

Specific Niche Selection and Keyword Research

After you’ve selected your broad niche, now it’s time to niche down and find a specific topic, like kitchen faucets (Yeah, I know ovens are cited too many times already).

Next up, research keywords. What are people typing in the search box when looking for information in that specific niche?

Research them and you’ll know exactly which topic you’ll have to create the content on.

P.S let me avoid terms like Primary Keywords, LSI keywords, KGR, Money intent keywords and so on because those need a long discussion on themselves, not suited for this guide intended to provide a general overview.

Website Setup

Time to set your website up. Choose a relatable domain name, pick a good hosting, set up WordPress, choose a good theme, create a tasteful logo and so forth things to create the skull of the website.

Research and Content Creation

It’s one of the most crucial phases of your niche website. A website is all about content, and you have to create valuable ones for your readers.

Make sure your content clears the confusion of the readers and solves their problems regarding the topic you’re focusing on.

On-Page & Technical SEO

Now take care of the On-page and Technical SEO tasks. They include proper keyword optimization, taking care of titles, headings, meta descriptions, alt. Tags, website speeding up, mobile-friendliness, XML sitemaps and tons of other things.

Yeah, as I said, it takes a lot of effort upfront to create a high-quality niche website.


It’s your time to shine. Monetize your niche website with your targeted marketplace(s). For most niche sites, it’s primarily Amazon, while few other marketplaces like Walmart, Target etc. can also be included.

Register in those places for their affiliate program, get the affiliate links for their products and include in your articles.

Off-Page SEO

Quality content and On-Page SEO might take you to a distance, but it’s mainly off-page SEO that’ll take your far.

You have to build relationships with other website owners in the similar field and get backlinks from them, mostly in exchange for guest writing on their website.

You have to manage Tier 2 and Tier 3 backlinks as well.

Scale Up

If you’ve done all things right so far, your site should be making a good amount of money already. If you want to convert good to great, you have to scale up.

That involves auditing the websites, discovering more opportunities to create value, finding supportive topics, getting authority backlinks and so on things.

Flip the Website (If You Want To)

When you decide you’ve earned your money from the site, and you want a big chunk of cash, you can flip the website, through marketplaces like Empire Flippers or Flippa.

Why Niche Websites Fail?

It all probably sounded nice by far, so let me give you some reality check. Many niche websites fail, and here are the common reasons –

1.  Picking a Poor Niche

Many marketers seem to choose a poor niche, which is either too competitive, or the earning potential is too low.

And the lining between a poor and good niche is really narrow, which is often hard to see. It’s very likely for inexperienced marketers to make mistakes here and all their later work could go in vain.

2.  Not Focusing on The Right Things

I’ve seen many newbie marketers wasting tons of time picking the perfect WordPress theme, font and so on things, rather than more important things like content quality, keyword placing and so on.

It’s not going to earn results.

3.  Failing to get Traffic

Many often, marketers fail to rank their website top in the search engine because they just don’t know how to do so. As a result, no one visits their website and they generate nothing.

So, what then? How do I NOT get doomed?

You May Get a Ready-Made Niche Website

A great solution for newcomers in the market, to get a niche website done by a trusted, experienced vendor of the market.

Look, most of the niche sites potentially die in the very first stage of it, when you fail to pick a good niche – very likely for inexperienced players.

But when you get your early websites done by someone who has already built a number of websites and made them successful, you’re highly likely to get a site having high-potential, because they know how to do it.

Think about it:

If you’re going to build a house and you’ve laid the very wrong foundation, how hard is it to fix it? It probably can’t be fixed even; you may have to start over.

But when you’ve laid the foundation right, you can afford to make a little mistake in the house building process, because that can be fixed with a little tweak, or expert help, or at least the cost of fixing won’t be so high that you’ll have to start all over.

And unfortunately, in niche site creation, most new marketers make mistakes in the foundation stage, which makes their latter effort, even if done right, go in vain.

But Why Do Experienced Marketers Sell This Service, Why Don’t They Keep the Sites to Themselves, and Earn Money from Them?


It’s a very obvious question to ask: If the site has potential, why don’t the service providers keep it to themselves and earn money from it?

Mostly, Focus.

A wise marketer will never focus on too many websites at once because it’ll most likely degrade the quality of them all. As you can guess, the veteran marketers already have a number of niche websites up their sleeves.

They prefer to scale those websites, instead of creating new websites and taking them to an earning stage. And scaling needs having your focus right, one site at a time.

Also, time and effort.

The primary steps of creating a niche website are mostly skill and experience-based, which the veterans already have. They aid the newbies with that, so that they choose the right niche and stay on the track.

But once the service provider has created you a marketable website, it’s more about time and effort, to outreach, to build relationships with other bloggers, to earn links and so on.

Just like you, a veteran marketer only has 24 hours and limited energy, which we have to focus on his endeavors.

How Can RankRoute Help?

You looking for veteran marketers?

Here at RankRoute, we have several of them.

RankRoute itself is a veteran of providing niche site creation service. We’ve created a number of websites for our valuable clients that are making a handsome amount of money for them.

It’s so simple – we just know what we’re doing, because we have been doing it so long. We created websites that brought fortune to us, and now for our clients.

At RankRoute, you don’t just get a website, you get our support, of the veterans. We’ll deliver you a long-term action plan along with the site, for you to just follow along to make your website successful.

If you get stuck somewhere, we’ve got your back.

If you think a ready-made niche site is a good start for you, you should definitely check out our profitable niche site creation service, and see what we have to offer.

Z Hashan

Z Hashan

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