We are the agency with mind at heart

The MIND approach

Empathy is the core philosophy of MIND. We believe that in order to win your customers’ hearts, you first need to understand their minds.

MIND is our own approach to digital marketing that focuses on meeting your customers’ needs across all digital touchpoints.

We believe that the audience-centric approach to marketing is the only possible answer, because your customers are the most important stakeholders in your business.

We built the MIND framework because we think the customer research process is flawed. Agencies are building “set it and forget it” personas that are never actually used effectively in their marketing activities. We do better.

Our unique customer-first strategy has helped our clients to target thousands of users with personalised messages and convert them into loyal advocates of their brand.

You can call us Persona Marketers on Steroids.


We start with intensive customer research

We use qualitative and quantitative data to understand who your customers are, how they buy, what are their motivations and challenges and where they are active online. The purpose of this data is to map personalised content and messaging across different stages of a customers’ journey.

The digital personas we build are not hypothetical, they are real, rooted in real data.

We create a cross-channel content plan for each persona

This involves mapping out all digital personas, keyword intent, buyer journeys and content across a myriad of channels: your site, your blog, your paid and organic social, your pay-per-click search advertising and your display campaigns. We create a fully integrated strategy that portrays a single, consistent message for your different audiences.

We create content and run ads for all of the digital personas

We learn as we go and iterate our plan so we can create hyper-targeted ads at scale, driving users to content that speaks to their needs.

Access many MINDs instead of one.

We don’t have account managers or other intermediaries. We believe that it’s important you get to work directly with people who are responsible for growing your business.